A self-taught artist for the past eight years, Toni Martin has taken her differently wired brain and turned it into something beautiful, creating abstract pieces that speak for her when words fail. Incredibly expressive in her use of colors, shapes and materials, Martin uses her emotions to evoke a response in her viewers and bares her soul in the abstract.

“Sometimes, the only way I can communicate is through paint, shapes and form. I feel I am trapped in my mind and have developed a language through art to express myself and feel a connection,” says the California-born Dallas transplant. “I create works of art by using expressive gestures through fluid movement and precise pigment placement, which helps communicate my emotional vulnerabilities. Through immersing myself in a state of flow, my sense of shape, color and balance develop into an abstract, unspoken language, ultimately allowing viewers to go on an emotional journey.”

That emotional journey is precisely what has given her such gravitas in the art world, proving that she has a powerful voice—even without words.

Martin’s art is on display in Dallas at Mecox, J. Douglas Design, Lorenzo Hotel and the Pittman Hotel, as well as on her website.

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