Home Etiquette creates a personalized, ordered environment for a stress-free move or organization project


ORGANIZED SPACES foster enriched relationships and a more intentional, simplified lifestyle, believes Tiffany Miller, owner of Home Etiquette. Miller is focused on helping her clients become organized and gain a new love for their spaces.

“My mission is to make everybody’s personal space as nice as it could be—for every room to be functional and you love to look at it. It looks like a piece of art when I’m done,” says Miller.

A bespoke service, Home Etiquette focuses on creating sustainable, easy-to-maintain solutions so clients can focus on what they love—family. Each home is re-created as a space unique to an owner’s personality and needs, a place to unwind and separate from all of the stressors of everyday life. It’s Miller’s goal to enhance the ambience of each client’s home, special life occasion and residential relocation.

“Ambience is important to me. The atmosphere is important to set the mood. It should be specific to each person’s lifestyle,” Miller says.


Organizational strategies are created to offer designs and solutions tailored to a customer’s individual needs. Adapting space and place is a crucial element in each of Home Etiquette’s projects.

“People think function and design can’t go together. I believe you can make everything beautiful without sacrificing function,” Miller says.

Critical to the mission of Home Etiquette is an understanding of the client’s lifestyle. Every project begins with a one-on-one consultation in the customer’s residence.

“I love getting to know people, especially if they’re going to allow me into their home. It’s important to learn about their lifestyle,” says Miller.

The consultation begins with a tour of the home and a discussion of the customer’s organizational challenges and design preferences.


“That first consultation is everything. We walk through their home, and they tell me about each room. I hear about their hopes, and I fill out a spreadsheet while I’m there,” Miller says.

Every nook and cranny is explored. Priority is given to favorite items and family heirlooms.

“I ask them to get their 20 favorite things out,” says Miller. “Why put away the things that mean the most to you?”

Customers are asked to identify items of lesser importance that are seldom used and encouraged to decide on their fate. Should they be kept, or can they be thrown away?

“We will pull everything out. I ask clients to walk through and see what they can live without,” Miller says.


Miller functions as a coach and works alongside clients during the entire organizing process. Each space is assessed to determine what is working or not working in a given area. Feedback is offered about improved organizing options, as is an individualized strategy to create an orderly and useful space.

“We create a visual experience with every closet, cabinet and other storage space,” she says.

Home Etiquette extends its space planning and organization to special home occasions. When a room needs to be styled to accommodate a family gathering, Home Etiquette ensures it’s appropriately designed and visually appealing. Décor is coordinated and tablescapes created.

“I do everything to create a special mood for a gathering. It’s setting a stage. It’s creating a feel in a room,” says Miller.

Memorable moments are a creative specialty. From birthday parties to holiday dinners, Home Etiquette ensures each room is organized to foster family living.

“My passion is the home. In-home life events are what I love. I create the look and feel of the moment,” Miller says.

When a home needs to be moved, Home Etiquette customizes the process, from packing and unpacking to organizing cabinets and closets in the new residence.

“We open every single box, take it out and figure out where it goes. We put everything in the right space. I make suggestions for additions to the client’s décor,” Miller explains.

Each residential move receives white-glove service and attention to detail. An example is a home transition in Mount Pleasant, where a recently engaged couple moved to their new residence.

“It looks phenomenal,” the owners say. “We just walked in, and finally it feels like we’re home and all settled. Amazing work!”


A strong supporter of Charleston, Miller purchases merchandise and hires services from local businesses.

“I love Charleston. I came to visit for a week and ended up staying here. I could not be happier with the decision to move to this little slice of heaven,” she says.

Home Etiquette prides itself on providing customers with high-quality, customized work and personal service.

“My goal is to make sure everything looks gorgeous. I really care about my clients and their needs. Your needs, not mine,” Miller concludes. *

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