WHEN her mother passed away in 2001, Wendy L. Jackson turned to her poetry. “Everywhere I traveled, I took photographs and drew the scenery for the poems I wrote,” says Jackson, a South Carolina native who now lives in Georgia. “The writing and photography got me through my grief, and I longed to share my journey back from heartache.”

In 2005 Jackson published Food for the Soul, a collection of inspirational poems and photographs. Around the same time she also began painting abstract backdrops for her poetry. After enrolling in an art workshop in Marietta, Georgia, the now acclaimed artist boldly entered the Atlanta art scene.

Jackson works in acrylic paint and uses brushes, palette knives and other objects to create her art. Above all, she believes color is integral to all of our lives, calling it “the universal language of conversation, as it brings joy, laughter, sadness, love, and most of all, peace.”

Jackson’s vast accomplishments include FASO’s Bold Brush Award for her abstract piece Transition, a 30-by-30-inch acrylic on canvas. She often donates pieces to raise money and awareness for charity. In February 2020 Jackson showcased her artwork at the Parallax Art Fair in Kensington Town Hall in London. Jackson was nominated as a Marquis Who’s Who Top Visual Artist April 2020.

“I want my art to speak to people,” says Jackson. “But I also want people to find whatever they need and are looking for in my art.”

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