Veronica Beard opens a new clothing store on King Street


Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard have more in common that just their names—they are cofounders and codesigners of Veronica Beard, a New York City-based clothing brand for women that opened its flagship store on Madison Avenue in 2010. This spring, they opened their 25th retail store in Charleston on King Street, the pair’s first foray into South Carolina, which joins established stores in 13 U.S. states, and internationally in Toronto, London and Seoul.

“First we became family—we married brothers—and then dear friends,” says Veronica Swanson Beard (VSB). “We’re both product junkies. We often found ourselves in the corner at family gatherings talking about what we loved, needed and what was missing from the market. Eventually, we had the idea of perfecting a single product—the dickey jacket—and building a uniform for women.”

The dickey jacket is the brand’s signature product, introduced in 2010 with just seven styles, each named after a woman in their lives. Shoppers today can choose a jacket from a range of fabrics and style options and then pair it with a similarly wide variety of zip-in dickeys to change the look. After 13 years in business, the dickey jacket continues to be a bestseller.

“Men have their suits. It’s easy for them to get dressed and get out the door. The dickey jacket is our shortcut to instant polish, giving instant confidence to take on the day,” says Veronica Miele Beard (VMB). “We wanted to create the same ease for women. It’s about what works for you morning to midnight, all the layers of your layered life.”

The dickey jacket is the ultimate in versatility, allowing women to experience the ease of a modern uniform that doesn’t look like a uniform. Women love how it’s a quick way to layer for a pulled-together look that is still distinctively styled through mix-and-match dickeys. “We have a unique point of view because we are our customer,” says VSB. “We know what it’s like to be women whose lives and days are full. We design through that lens—the belief that the dream wardrobe has to work for real life.”

While there are plenty of dickeys and jackets to choose from in the new Charleston store, Veronica Beard also carries styles curated especially for the Lowcountry market, including the brand’s full ready-to-wear collection, outerwear, dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, shoes and accessories.

“Timeless pieces and dresses are really speaking to our Charleston customers,” says VSB.

“The women in Charleston are so chic,” agrees VMB. “There’s an ease and sophistication that’s distinct to Charleston that we love.”

Renzo pants, Tucker dresses and Kuna linen pants are just a few of the other bestsellers of the brand that can be purchased online. The Veronicas’ shared passion for wearable clothes is reflected in the brand’s contemporary collections of classic, versatile pieces that are, in their own words, “for the women who make it happen.”

Walking into the 1,469-square-foot Charleston store is a design experience. Decorated in partnership with resident interior designer Carolina de Neufville, shoppers experience a welcoming and bold space with vintage furniture finds, textural grasscloth wallcoverings and leopard print drapery. Ticking stripe fabrics on throw pillows and fitting room stools nod to the ever-present Southern vibe. The brand’s unmistakably vibrant, feminine style of clothing is echoed in the physical location’s design ethos.

Both Veronicas say: “There’s no city quite like Charleston. It’s so charming, so welcoming. We couldn’t be more excited to offer the Charleston customer a wardrobe for all aspects of her busy life to make her feel confident and like she can take on the world every single day.”

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and art.

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