Dreams come true in a Maxtrix Kids room



For Zoe Raymer, her ninth birthday was the best one ever. Her family had just moved into a new house, and she had gotten the room she really wanted, the one with the second-floor porch. Now all she wanted for her birthday was a bunk bed to make her new room really special. In fact, she had been begging for a bunk bed for two whole years, and her parents had finally agreed.

For her mother, the search was on for the perfect birthday gift for Zoe. “I looked at a lot of bunk beds online,” states Mandy Raymer, who manages a busy family and busy career. “But I just didn’t know if the quality was there. I wanted something that would withstand the kids jumping and playing on it for years to come.”

That’s when a friend suggested she stop by Maxtrix Kids Rooms, located in the heart of Mount Pleasant. According to store manager Sarah Burnell, the company opened the store in late 2016 as the first retail location for its unique line of children’s furniture. “We’re a furniture manufacturer with hundreds of dealers across the country, plus numerous e-commerce channels and a website from which we sell,” states Burnell, who spent 20 years buying and retailing high-end women’s apparel. “We didn’t have a dealer here, so opening our own retail outlet seemed like the thing to do. Plus, it also functions as a showroom for our dealers and customer care people when they’re in town.”


Maxtrix is a modular system that can grow and change as children grow and change. “You can start with a simple core bed and grow it into a loft bed later on,” notes Burnell. “It’s a versatile product because it’s constructed of solid hardwood. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear through years of use.”

Raymer chose the best-selling Maxtrix Sumo, a twin-over-full bunk bed configuration with stairs. If quality was her first priority, safety was a close second. “Zoe can be a little clumsy,” says her mom. “So, she’s more comfortable accessing the top bunk using the full staircase rather than a ladder. Plus, the staircase has drawers for storage. Zoe’s 6-year-old brother, Max, loves climbing up there, too. It’s just the safest and easiest way for kids to get in and out of that top bed. And I appreciate the fact that all Maxtrix-made kids’ furniture exceeds government safety standards.”

Zoe loves all the special features of her new Maxtrix bed. The top bunk has bedside trays for her books or snacks. She also has a MaxPack—pink, of course—that attaches to the rail with Velcro, giving her a place to keep her toys when not in use. Easy-sliding drawers under the bed store Zoe’s wardrobe.

“There are so many different configurations—as many as 40,000— for the Maxtrix furniture,” says Burnell. “We also manufacture desks, dressers, nightstands, bookcases and various storage options that all integrate into the system. On her 13th birthday, Zoe could reconfigure some of what she has and add some brand-new features to create the perfect bed for a teenager. For example, she may raise the loft bed higher—we have three different heights— and add a desk and bookcase underneath to create a cozy study area.”

But for now, Zoe is thrilled with her birthday bed. “My kids are fort builders,” adds Raymer. “They turn Zoe’s bed into a fort every single weekend. It’s a bed, but with a little imagination it becomes a magical play place.”

Maxtrix offers “magical” accessories to make its beds even more appealing to kids. “We have a top tent, which is a wooden frame with fabric that goes over it to make the bed a fun and cozy place for kids to hang out,” says Burnell. “We also have curtains that hang underneath the bed that have windows, and a door that opens and closes. There are several designs to choose from, traditional fort to princess castle.”

“As far as birthday gifts go,” concludes Raymer, “it’s going to be difficult to find one that tops her Maxtrix bed. Zoe just loves it!”

In addition to furniture for kids, Maxtrix also offers configurations that maximize sleeping for adults, such as full over full, full over queen or queen over queen. These configurations are perfect for vacation rentals or private bunkrooms. The store also carries the M3 and Jackpot lines of kids’ furniture, offering customers different options and affordable price points.

Patra Taylor is a full-time freelance writer who lives in Mount Pleasant.

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