It may surprise you to learn that judy casey is anything but the fancy filly you might imagine the owner of a luxury women’s boutique to be. Asked to name a fashion icon she admires, and to define her personal style, she laughs out loud and says she doesn’t have one. “I’m a blue jeans girl,” […]


In a typical year, plein air painter Allison Chambers would be working in her studio, taking trips abroad to paint, teaching classes and participating in shows. This is a busy life that she loves. However, with classes, trips and art openings postponed or canceled, Chambers found a silver lining in the unexpected windfall of time: […]


Zags founder jennifer horton knows all too well the old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The mother of three had been searching for a specific product in vain for years, growing more and more frustrated when she couldn’t find it. “We are such an active family. We’re always on the boat or at the […]


Inspired by her travels around the world, Mary Brigman brings home a piece of these unique destinations in her pastel works on paper and board. Whether it’s Europe, the American Southwest, the Hawaiian Islands or her native South Carolina, Brigman possesses the coveted ability to not only capture the way a place looks but also the way […]


With a natural gift for visual storytelling through their artistic work, all the artists at Studio 151 Fine Arts Gallery are a vibrant part of the inspiration behind one of Charleston’s best-loved galleries. Founded in 2009, the artist-owned studio located in the heart of the city’s picturesque French Quarter District has become a favorite destination for both […]


It was breaking news in the summer of 2015: The New York Post warned that the Hamptons was running “dangerously low” on rosé wines. Thankfully, we no longer face this existential crisis. The country has been awash in rosé for years. After all, what’s not to like? Rosé is delicious and easy to drink; it’s the least judgmental of […]

The Best of Both Worlds

Lance Griffith believes that homes should reflect their owners’ personalities in the most natural, beautiful ways. He and his wife and business partner, Patty Griffith, have built CHD Interiors to provide a turnkey experience to help make customers’ dream homes a reality. CHD Interiors specializes in creating a sense of place, whether it’s Lowcountry chic or an urban […]

Delight Is in the Details

For Margaret de Carli Barry, life is a series of wonderful moments, and if you move too fast, you’ll miss something. That’s the belief that has allowed her to grow her painting career from a passion into a full-time profession. Barry has been an oil painter for about 20 years, starting from when she took […]


Growing up, ben ham spent carefree days trolling through the pluff mud of the Lowcountry marshes in a little boat, captivated by the ever-changing tides, moss-draped trees and oyster beds. A lover of the outdoors, landscapes became his muse, and as a teenager, his camera was a constant companion on those boat rides, hikes, backpacking and […]


Artist Hilarie Lambert has found a way to feed her wanderlust and fuel her creativity during the pandemic. The Charleston painter’s salvation came about last May when a teardrop trailer she named Cha-Ching entered her life. Lambert was in Paris visiting her daughter when the spread of the coronavirus shut down normal life. She came […]